Injectable Steroids: Where To Inject

While we don’t recommend that you use them, this post can help you determine the best spot to inject steroids, along with some other tips that you should take seriously. Lots of folks make an effort to prevent the injection of steroids because they worry about needles. But it’s the most effective method to take them because of the fact that they are injected directly into a muscle group so that fewer toxins are directed through the liver.

You shouldn’t inject any oil based steroids into your veins as it can be very dangerous. The perfect place is in your gluteus medius muscle. This is the top right side of your right buttock. Or the top left side of the left buttock. So the liquid does not shoot back outside, you will need to inject it nice and slow. It should be deep too. This place is not thin enough in order to resist the prick and there are fewer nerves in the region.

Avoid hitting on your sciatic nerve in your lower back region. This can be quite debilitating and cause temporary paralysis, but nothing long-term. So you do not have to freak out. The feeling returns soon and you will be good. It is no crisis. Only make an effort to remain a little lower and farther to the right, that is all. It is truly not a lot more difficult than it looks.

Now that you understand where the best location to inject steroids is, you should be sure you use fresh, clean and brand new needles. Sharing needles can lead to blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV. If you stay within your recommended dose and remain safe, you should be good. Be smart about it.

Again, we don’t recommend that you use steroids. You should be looking for safe, legal supplements that can raise your hormone levels like the ones found on this page.

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